Team design: Case Study

The challenge

iHorizon undertook an organisational restructure and hired Saberr to assist in their new team design and subsequent recruitment.

Our Action

Saberr analysed all of iHorizon's employees via its team tool and survey. This gave them an understanding of which combinations of iHorizon's people would work well together and should therefore form a new team.

The outcome

Saberr came up with the composition of new teams and predicted them to have higher performance than current teams.

The challenge

After considering more traditional psychometric approaches like Myers Briggs without seeing the value, iHorizon wasn’t necessarily sold on the benefit of people analytics. Saberr’s technology stood out for its unique team-based approach. The challenge was to see if Saberr can design teams as part of their organisational restructure.

Our action

Saberr got all of iHorizon's employees to do the survey which enabled it to do real time team fit calculations. This allowed iHorizon management to drag and drop people into new teams and gain immediate feedback on their likely performance as a group.

The outcome

iHorizon succesfully used Saberr to put its people into new teams based on resonance scores and predicted fit

Saberr showed the likely success of new iHorizon teams using resonance and behaviour scores

iHorizon were able to use Saberr team tool to tweak the composition of new teams and see the impact that would have fit

iHorizon deployed new teams and reported increase in overall company performance

Once all employees completed the survey iHorizon management was able to use Saberr's intuitive interface to create new teams. They could immediately see the likely effectiveness of those teams and tweak them as necessary to get a perfect spread of scores. This output was then used to physically rearrange people into their new teams and has resulted in performance gains for the whole company.

See how Saberr is easy to use and get results in minutes.

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