The BOT for hiring.

Saberr lets you forecast the performance of new hires based on team fit. Saberr improves your hiring workflow, and this bot speeds up your Saberr workflow! Just direct-message the bot every time you want to invite a candidate to your Saberr account. You'll be hiring like Chuck Norris in no time.

Important notes

1. If you're not yet a Saberr user, we'll need to set you up with an account and get your existing team on board. Head over to and lets talk.

2. Because bots are magical, but sadly not actual magicians, you need to be using the same email address on Slack as in Saberr. If you need to, you can change your registered Saberr account email address by logging into Saberr and then go into Settings (the gear icon).


1. Click Add to Slack button

2. Select your team

3. Authorise

4. Bot is added to your team

The Saberr Hiring Bot is now in your team. The next step is to pick a channel for bot.

5. Invite bot to channel

6. Done.

The bot is now in channel which means you and your Slack team members can interact with it.