We believe humankind’s next great accomplishments will only happen if we work well together.

Our mission

We’re Saberr, a people analytics company. We help organisations make better decisions about their people.

The marketing industry was transformed when it started using data to drive decision making. We believe people functions are at the same inflection point.

At Saberr we combine our curiosity about how the world works with new data sources to understand our brains, behaviours, and interactions, and provide new tools to amplify our own ability.

Our products are the result of combining behavioural economics, data science, psychology, and business.

The Team

We are a diverse bunch with experience in science and engineering, HR, and building products users love.

Tom Marsden


From investment banking to strategy consulting to HR consulting, Tom is now on a mission to find a more rigorous approach to HR. He's leading Saberr in the uprising.

Alistair Shepherd

Founder and President

An Aerospace Engineer turned entrepreneur, Alistair is the brains and the vision behind everything we do at Saberr.

Nik Brbora


After designing the best financial trading systems for 8 years, Nik raced around the world on a yacht before landing at Saberr.

Sandy Rogers

Chief Scientist

Sandy has a PhD in astrophysics and having discovered hundreds of galaxies, now brings the cutting edge of data science to all of Saberr's products.

Marta Matos

Lead UX Designer

Marta's speciality is designing the very best experience for our users, making sure that Saberr's products look great and communicate clearly.

Saša Slavnić


Saša leads our Serbian development team. He makes sure we all know about the latest robot toys and that our code is written properly.

Jennifer Roberston

Head of Marketing

Jennifer comes from a tech marketing background with experience working with IBM and Cisco. Now she’s in charge of Saberr’s marketing & communications - keeping you up to date on what’s happening.

Marko Stanojkovic


Marko is a full stack developer at Saberr. He's also a keen cyclist regularly clocking 100+km rides on the company Strava league!

Jobs available

We aren't currently seeking to fill any specific openings, but if you think you were made for Saberr we'd still love to hear from you.